Dear members!!

We can understand your frustration due to sudden site down. We are doing our best to make all operations of richmondberks ltd normal.

Please co-operate with us for the delayed payments.

To request your daily profit or total investment back follow below steps.

  1. Create a new account here
  2. Please enter your investment amount RBD or BTC in the Investment field(Be honest, it has to match with our records).
  3. We will use your investment to match with our records. This process was instant before the attack. Now, we have to use our hard copies of the transactions to verify your investment. Proving any additional details like your join date may help speed up the process.
  4. Once you signup write an email to [email protected] with the subject line Daily Profit Request – Total amount in RBD or BTC or Total Investment Request – Total Amount in RBD or BTC.

Example: If your total investment is 1000 RBD and you want to withdraw daily profit or full investment then,

The subject line for daily profit: Daily Profit Request – 1000RBD and just copy paste same in the body we will take care the rest.

Please note that due to additional validation, transactions may take 1 to 3 weeks.

Let your referrals know about the changes and have the signup here to get their daily profit.